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Gvibe Gplug XS - Sunny Raspberry

Gvibe Gplug XS - Sunny Raspberry

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Gplug was specially developed with extra pleasure seekers in mind. Perfect for men, women, and all genders (anyone with a butt that likes to be stimulated!) to use alone or with a partner. Gplug can be used during foreplay or penetration for that extra full feeling and stimulate the p-spot and the g-spot. Get ready for stronger, longer, and more intense orgasms when Gplug XS gets added to the mix.

The smallest butt plug with a motor on the remote control! XS plug diameter is just 0.78 in. - ideal for beginners! The main advantage of Gplug XS is a narrow anatomically comfortable stopper. This makes the Gplug XS comfortable for long-term use.

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