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Gvibe Gcup - Mystic Noir

Gvibe Gcup - Mystic Noir

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Gvibe's menstrual cup, Gcup, comes in the classic yet extremely comfortable bell shape, with a convenient pull tab for easy removal. Gcup has an internal non-return valve so there is no spill back into the vagina during an active lifestyle. Users can go about daily activities, sports and even swim; no need to put life on pause for "that time of the month". The Gcup has a soft, smooth surface, perfectly sized to not feel like anything is in there.

Since Gcup can be used for up to 10 years due to the high-quality, environmentally-friendly silicone composition, this allows those with periods to save a significant amount of money in comparison to buying conventional pads and tampons.&

Gcup is recommended for those with a light to medium flow, holding up to 20ml at a time. Not recommended for those with very heavy periods as Gcup will not be able to hold the flow.&

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