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Collage - Catch the Bouquet G-Spot Dil

Collage - Catch the Bouquet G-Spot Dil

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Introducing the most beautiful silicone known to toys, Collage, with eye-popping designs tattooed right onto the silicone. Soft and silky and just the right size, theyre colorful, whimsical, elegant and stunning.

Catch The Bouquet is a simply exquisite collage of chrysanthemums in lovely purples, golds and sage. Perfect for the lady of the garden, or of the elegant floral-wallpapered study.

Each Collage features an ultra-grip suction cup for hands-free use or fun harness-play. Each quickly warms to your touch, are non-porous and easy to clean with gentle soap and warm water.

Catch The Bouquet has gracefully curved, resolving to a round top that leans in for g-spot stimulation. Packaged in eye-popping colors, Collage is surely a treat for the sensesall of them! Enjoy Collage with or without lubricant, but always use a water-based, alcohol-free lubricant. And again use only gentle soap and warm water to clean, for years of petals and pleasure.

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