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Velv'Or Rooster Justus

Velv'Or Rooster Justus

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ROOSTER JUSTUS is a playful multifunctional, soft silicone, double ring, cock ring. Both rings have the same measurements allowing wearers to be creative. They can wear both rings behind their package, one on their penis and one around their whole package, one around their whole package and one around their scrotum, both around their scrotum or one around their scrotum and one around their penis. All options give you different types of sensation. ROOSTER JUSTUS is a pleasure to wear.

How to Wear

Depending on how they wear ROOSTER JUSTUS stretch out the ring/s and enring their whole package, and scrotum/penis, the erect penis and scrotum. Release the rings gently and make sure they are positioned as desired.


VelvOr advises to listen carefully to the body. How long a man can be enringed varies from person to person. The larger endowed the tighter ROOSTER JUSTUS will grip.

Key features

  • Double cock ring with figure of 8 design
  • Multiple wearing options
  • Awakens your creativity
  • Enjoy different sensations
  • Comfortable, stretchy and durable
  • One size fits all

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